Friday, November 28, 2008

Road Map: Path to Peace/Path to Destruction? Part 1

The peace process began with the Camp David Accords, under this agreement peace was formalized between Egypt and Israel. The agreement was signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat on September 17, 1978 on the White House lawn in the presence of President Jimmy Carter. This historic moment launched the United States into a series of diplomacy efforts to bring stability to a region threatened with constant conflict and strife, successive administrations would also seek their place in history. The Clinton administration introduced the Oslo Accords (September 13, 1993) and Wye River Accords (28 September 1995) formulating peace between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), orchestrated with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat. On October 26, 1994 peace between Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was signed formulating security and trade agreements.

The process known as the Oslo Accords called for land for peace exchanges resulting in the Gaza Strip and West Bank coming under control of the Palestinian Authority. Security agreements called upon Israel to relinquish territory held for promises of peace among the Palestinian leadership. The motive for these administrative and diplomatic moves was evident from the day of their signing, without a stable Middle East the threat of economic crisis loomed, petroleum was and still is the lifeline of developed nations and global trade. Israel was subsequently being sold out in the pursuit of wealth by Western powers yet in particular the United States of America. The sphere of global power has since seen some adjustment with the rise of the China/India economic block and other developing nations.

The current U.S. administration under the direction of President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condolezza Rice continue to apply the pressure on Israel under the current diplomacy effort known as the Road Map. The ultimate goal of the "Road Map" is to guarantee Palestinian self rule, resolution of Palestinian refugees as well as forming a capital in East Jerusalem, thus dividing the City of the Great King (Yeshua) among terrorists. The peace process would therefore guarantee the destruction of the Jewish State, perhaps this is only a continuation of a proposed plan by Adolph Hitler known as the Final Solution yet under the guise of diplomacy, security and peace. Hitler also offered this to the people of Germany, economic stability was his platform. This Satanic inspired plan rapidly brings Israel's strategic balance in question as their enemies gain in strength and numbers, where diplomacy is used to destroy a nation.

While we have been witnesses to these supposed peace efforts, we have seen what has conspired such as the intifada and other terrorist campaigns against Israel. Israel now fears an Obama administration will allow Iran to join the nuclear club supposedly in fear of further destabilization of the region. The media has leaked information suggesting a possible peaceful solution regarding Syria by having Israel relinquish the Golan Heights, in exchange Syria will be called upon to abandon its partnership with Iran and the Iranian proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel is being pushed into a dangerous position, compromising it's strategic borders and early warning stations making another invasion of enemy forces plausible. The threat is real and the United States of America is the main propellent of such a chaotic scenario that will eventually lead to the final 7 years known as the Tribulation.

In the next installment we will examine the Biblical implications of these actions and what it means to the world. How will Israel be able to overcome the storms now raging along her borders? Will the U.S. come to her aid when another confederation is formed against the Jewish State? Has the Lord God warned the nations of dividing the land of Israel for political and monetary gain? Are we doomed to repeat history if we do not learn from it? What can America gain by calling upon Israel to negotiate with terrorists while still engaged under their own War on Terror? Will the Lord God intervene in the affairs of men, bringing judgement upon them that have used peace as an impliment of war? These questions and more will be answered in an upcoming sequel to this subject.


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