Saturday, April 18, 2009

Department of Homeland Security: Christians Labeled Right-Wing Extremists

It should be apparent today that we are witnessing the beginning of a planned agenda to attack Christianity at it's core. The belief in End-Time Prophecy or a bold stand against abortion is just a portion of the criteria labeling us as extremists according to the recently released Homeland Security Report. The principals of Christianity are being attacked today on every front, apostate preachers and churches have joined with the media in projecting us as a danger to their humanistic utopia. Those which embrace infanticide or abortion also attack the historical accuracy of the Bible and the moral principals contained within it's pages. The preparation of this siege against the Lord Yeshua and his sheep can be seen increasing in intensity.

The belief in End-Time Prophecy identifies those which are believers from those who are but christians by name only, for it was commanded by the Lord for the faithful servant to watch and to be aware of the signs of his soon approaching that we be not deceived. For to those that join themselves mocking the Second Coming and the events heralding his glorious return are labeled correctly as unbelievers. The entire Bible reveals the purpose and plan of God for his people and is the testimony of his great love by the sacrifice of his son Yeshua, the Word of God made flesh.
The testimony and faith of those who went before us is also contained within these scriptures, their trials, persecution, torture, and even their deaths.

The Satatic plan to slaughter the child yet in the womb of their mother's is an attempt to cast off the gifts of God which is the fruit of the womb. For as scripture clearly indicates, all children are a gift from God, fearfully and wonderfully made, as a child is made in our image so to are we made in the image of God to bring glory and honor to his name. Children are an inheritance from the Lord, if trained according to the will and purpose of God they will bring honor to their parents and joy within their hearts. It is a shame that so many are willing to murder their children in the pursuit of their fleshly lusts, having spit upon the great Love of God. As in the days of old they have sacrificed their children to Molech.

While we may be labeled Right-Wing Extremists, we whom yet remain in the faith will not betray our Lord nor the inherent truth of his Word that lives within us. We faithful who die daily in the flesh yet live by the Spirit and in truth will continue to warn an unrepentant world filled with sin and depravity to depart from darkness into the light. Though many willingly chose the darkness today there are yet remaining those that do so out of ignorance not having heard the glorious plan of salvation and the promise of eternal life. For these we diligently search for willing to give our lives if only one should be saved from eternal damnation or seperation from God, even at this one, will the Heavens rejoice and the voice of gladness be heard.

Persecution is coming, will we abandon the faith because we are considered enemies of the state, or will we chose to stand and fight with the Sword of the Spirit and Truth. Though we may be imprisoned, beaten, tortured, betrayed, and slaughtered as sheep we must never forget, the servant is not greater than his Lord. Our Lord and Redeemer suffered at the hands of his natural enemy yet willingly gave his life to save even theirs. This world we now live in is threatened by the truth for it reveals the darkness and evil within the hearts of natural man, we who are born of the Spirit exist as enemies and therefore must be eliminated. And so it begins.