Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two Witnesses Being Prepared

The time we now find ourselves in is reminiscent of the days prior to the first advent of our Moshiach Yeshua, Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The gentile powers now present on this earth have brought great pressure upon the House of Israel, though they do not physically occupy the land they use diplomacy to place chains of bondage upon the people and their leadership. The leadership of Israel is divided as is the land, the people are bargaining chips for international agreements used to appease her Arab/Islamic enemies. Israel has become a haven for injustice, children yet in the womb are slaughtered, settlers doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord God are forcibly removed from their ancestral homes. The iron grip or Rome can still be felt in the land of Judea and Samaria, many leaders of the people embrace the destructive policies of European and U.S. interests even to the point of dividing Jerusalem.

The enemies of Israel grow in numbers and influence, even aided by Western powers, who provide financial aid and military hardware, openly they challenge the sovereign authority of the Lord God and the covenant promises. These nations ignore the declared warnings of judgement for dividing the Land of Israel for gain, these reprobate leaders shake their fist in open defiance against the Lord of the Universe. As the nations prepare to come together forming an economic alliance under this orchestrated and planned global economic collapse, a global dictator is also being prepared to come to power who will also openly challenge the authority of the Lord God.The rise of this Roman Prince known also as the Son of Perdition or Anti-Christ will come quickly, yet his rule will be challenged early by two messengers sent by God.

Though at present their remains much speculation of who these messengers will be, they will receive power and authority by the Holy Spirit as Prophets declaring the Word of God. While this seed of Satan seeks to bring the entire globe under his authority and blasphemes the name of the Most High a remnant in Israel will be prepared to carry the message of Yeshua. The Temple will be built and the Lord God will be worshipped standing as a testimony against the enemies of both Israel and God. These Two Witnesses will stand against this dark prince and his followers who will seek to destroy this remnant who bear witness to the authority of God and the testimony of his Son, Yeshua our redeemer and inheritance. This remnant also known as the 144,000 will be selected as ambassadors of the gospel from every tribe of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe. The Two Witnesses will provide security for them until the time of their sealing.

The world has laid the foundation for the arrival of these Two Witnesses who will use not only the truth of the gospel but signs and wonders to convince their brethren of the might and authority of the Lord God. The Anti-Christ and the world will hate these messengers who will bear witness of the truth to a people that have embraced delusion and lies. Though their time is but a short 3 and 1/2 years they will fulfill their mission as provided by the Holy Spirit and will be killed and their bodies left unburied. While the World celebrates the victory of the Anti-Christ over these two men who tormented them, the Spirit of God will again bring them upon their feet in the site of all men. As these two messengers ascend a great earthquake will take place killing seven thousand men and destroying a tenth of the city. Their great message will then be carried by 144,000 sealed jewish servants of the Most High God protected against the judgements being poured out upon an unrepentant population.