Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fables Circulated Among Self-Declared Prophecy Scholars

The time has come that deception has entered even among modern prophecy scholars reported to be well versed students of Bible Prophecy. The books authored by these individuals once caused controversy among students of biblical understanding, now are being hailed as great discoveries in prophetic circles concerning the events of the Last Days. While we have witnessed this same movement among the Churches of the spiritually dead and scripturally ignorant, it was rather unexpected to observe this among those recognized as scholars. It calls one to task when discecting what led to this event yet we must first examine the foundation of these fables. The books now being ciculated are Isralestine by Bill Salus as well as The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson.

The book Isralestine makes reference to Psalm 83 being a modern battle taking place against Israel also called the inner ring of Arab/Islamic enemies against Israel by this author. Bill Salus also makes reference to Ezekiel 37:10 in claiming that this prophecy indicated that Israel will prevail against their enemies in close proximity and expand their borders as an exceeding great army. The Bible clearly identifies Psalm 83 as a prayer for divine deliverance against the many enemies of Israel. The Prophet Ezekiel in chapter 37 clearly identifies Israel as once being scattered among the nations depicted as their graves, to again be placed in the Land of the Living and to be multiplied and increased in the Land of their Fathers. The interpretation being circulated by Bill Salus goes against the context of scripture and the events concerning the Last Days.

Joel Richardson allied with Walid Shoebat a reported former Palestinian terrorist drummed up a fantastic fable titled the Rise of the Islamic Antichrist. Within the pages of this book is the belief that the Antichrist will be of Islamic origin and will form an global Islamic Caliphate or world order. Included in my personal discussion with this author is the belief that Israel will be conquered by Islam. Serious students of the Bible know full well that the Battle of Gog/Magog of Ezekiel 38-39 led by Russia accompanied with an Islamic confederation consisting of Iran, Libya, Sudan and many others have a date with destiny on the mountains of Israel. Islam will no longer be relevant as their armies are buried by Israel for 7 months. The Bible also clearly disputes this author's claim identifying it clearly as another poorly constructed fable.

While I am aware that scripture at times can be misinterpreted without careful study, this however is a case of clear deception with cunning and wise fables our Lord did warn us about even to the point of deceiving the very elect. Bill Salus refuses to acknowledge that Joel 3:2 clearly identifies that the Land of Israel will be up for international auction up until the time of the Battle of Armegeddon. Their will be no permanent expansion until the time Yeshua sits upon the royal throne of David in Jerusalem. While Joel Richardson expands on the idea of an Islamic Antichrist also known as the Mahdi which is to appear out of an abandoned well, he seeks to give Islam equal status with Bible Prophecy. The belief in the Mahdi or Islamic messianic figure is a modern Islamic fable not found within the Quran or widely accepted by the followers of Islam.

The many authors of fables that permeate Christendom today have found a new audience among so called prophecy scholars, the motivation for turning away from the truth is remains to be the love of money. The problem that also exists is that these fables are not taken to task, they are not debated within bible prophecy circles publicly. Most of these self-titled prophecy scholars such as Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Dr. David Reagan, J.R. Church, and many others are unapproachable, they flee from controversy when it comes to Biblical truth, yet they will stand boldly against social issues of the day. The Church has become apostate because of the failure to rebuke and correct those in error and hold preachers of men who embrace fables accountable. Many supposed leaders of the Church and prophetic understanding have led the wolves into the pastures to devour the sheep, simply refusing to acknowledge the danger in the acceptance of fables and the perversion of doctrine, everyone having a new revelation.