Saturday, September 25, 2010

End Game: Gog/Magog Invasion Is Upon Us

  The time has come for the greatest battle ever witnessed in history, the stage is set, the players in this End Time drama are prepared, the curtain is soon to rise.  The current situation on the international scene is the exact scenario portrayed by the Prophet Ezekiel recorded in Chapter 38 and 39, prophesied over 2,600 years ago.  While most scholars considered to be experts in Bible Prophecy will disagree with my analysis, it appears they do so out of ignorance.  Not only have they misinterpreted the conditions regarding the fulfillment of this prophecy, they have also misinterpeted the players involved.  I have fought to reveal to them the truth concerning this prophecy, yet in their zeal to not be proven wrong and face a loss of confidence by those who trust their every word, they dismiss the clear meaning of the context of this prophecy.

  The greatest of these declared experts intepret the prophecy of the battle of Gog/Magog as having a series of requirements regarding the position of Israel in order for this prophecy to be actualized.  These scholars believe that Israel must be at peace, dwelling securely or confidently, having no security fortifications or physical barriers such as protective walls, fences, bars, or gates.  The scholars in question also present the belief that prior to this battle Israel's enemy neighbors surrounding the Jewish State, must be soundly defeated by the IDF or Israeli Defense Forces in a supposed modern adaption of Psalm 83.  In addition they aso prescribe the belief that Isaiah 17, the destruction of Damascus must also take place before the Gog/Magog invasion force moves against Israel.

  While I have addressed these misinterpretations on previous blog entries, I would like to mainly focus at this time on their incorrect analysis of the condition of Israel and the diplomatic representations prior to this invasion taking place.  The Prophet Ezekiel identifies clearly that at the time of this invasion, Israel will be slumbering, unprepared for what is coming, dwelling carelessly or having an air of false confidence.  The Lord God makes this clear when addressing the Russian leader (Gog) of this vast confederation: Therefore son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord GOD; In that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it?-Ezekiel 38:14.  While in many interpretations or translations the term dwelling safely is identified with confidence, the proper context of the Hebrew word "betach" here is also identified in Ezekiel 39:6 as dwelling carelessly.

  The fact remains that the Jewish State of Israel today exists as a primarily secular nation, willing to divide the inheritance of Jacob and give it to their enemies in exchange for a false peace, in a sense, they have profaned the name of the Lord God among the nations.  The Lord God made a specific promise to bring the people again into the Land of their Fathers that they never be removed again, yet because of fear, political pressure, and defiance against the Word of God, they continue in this process of Land for Peace initiatives.  This battle to come in but a few days from now, will be a direct result of this rebellion and the Lord God will both judge the Gentile nations and again confirm this promise.  The enemies of Israel both military and political, will be faced with unprecedented judgement for this deceptive plan of destroying the heritage of God and his people Israel.

  The Prophet Ezekiel identifies clearly that at the time of this battle, Russia will have armed and prepared this confederation that will go with them against Israel, and will be a strategic and political guard against the enemies of this coalition.  Russia presently is the largest arms supplier to the many enemies of Israel, recently closing a 6 billion dollar arms deal with Syria.  This prophecy also identifies those that will oppose this invasion, howbeit, only offering a diplomatic protest questioning the motive of this great confederation as they assemble together and prepare for War.  They will have identified the target of the aggression as being Israel and will ask this vast confederation led by Russia if they have come to destroy and plunder the Jewish State.  The nations that are involved in this protest are identified as the Western Powers including the United States and the European Union (Tarshish, and the young lions thereof), Sheba (Egypt) and Dedan (Jordan).

  Some scholars today have identified Sheba and Dedan as Saudi Arabia, yet this interpretation is incorrect, with very little research the true identification is revealed.  Yeshua our Lord makes reference to the Queen of the South, as being the Queen of Sheba that visited Solomon in the days of his kingdom (Matthew 12:42).  Daniel the Prophet goes further to identify with a King of the South in Chapter 11 verses 5 thru 9, which clearly indicates this King coming from Egypt.  The Roman historian Josephus designates the territory of the Queen of Sheba, being that of Egypt and Ethiopia or the anctient Kingdom of Cush.  Dedan and their descendants crossed over the River Jordan.  The Dedanittes were traders in fine apparel, traveling along the Kings Highway similar to that of gypsy caravans.  Their territory in which they were found to settle, included that of Ammon, Edom, and Moab which today is the modern State of Jordan.

  The question must be posed, why has the Prophet Ezekiel identified not only the invaders and the target of their aggression, yet also lumps together those that will offer only a diplomatic protest to the ensuing invasion?  As we read the current headlines and see the current strategic allignments between Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Russia, established and growing, we can also see Israel being threatened on all sides with certain annihilation, specifically, with the threat of a nuclear armed Tehran.  Most startling of all, Israel has not moved preemptively as in the past, to extinguish these threats, seeking only to place their confidence in  the current peace process.  At the same time we have the European Union, United States, and Egypt and Jordan heavily involved in this latest last ditch effort for peace in the Middle East.  The reason for the Prophet to identify these parties together is obvious, they are markers indicating the timing of this event being fulfilled. 

  The main obstacle to this peace being recognized by the international community, is not the desire of the enemies of Israel to seek the destruction of the Jewish State, it is in their opinion, the willingness of Israel to build Jewish settlements on their own Jewish land.  Settlements have become the main obstacle to peace between Israel and her determined enemies.  It is therefore interesting, that Ezekiel, identifies the main target of the Gog/Magog invasion as these same settlements, also known as "unwalled villages", as recorded in Ezekiel 38:11.  As we examine this prophecy closely and determine the proper interpretation of this prophetic event, we can see clearly without a doubt that the fulfillment of this prophecy, is even at the door.  Prepare, for the judgement of the Lord God will soon be poured out on many nations.  May you choose to receive Yeshua in faith as Lord of your life, repent of your sins, confess them with all your heart, accept the sacrifice of Yeshua upon the Cross as the blood atonement of your sins, and walk in newness of life having crucified the old man and be born again in Spirit not after the desires of the flesh.  Seek the Lord while he may be found, for time is drawing short.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Isralestine: Modern Eschatological Fable

The author of this fantastic fable Isralestine: Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, is Bill Salus, published by Anomalos Publishing a creation of Tom and Nita Horn. Tom Horn has authored a variety of prophecy related books as well as crackpot conspiracy titles attempting to link Bible Prophecy with the U.F.O. phenomenon and human/alien cross mutation as commonly featured on Coast to Coast AM. The first article pulished by Bill Salus was featured on a Google blog entitled Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38: Which is the Next Middle East News Headline?, a bold attempt to test the waters for an alternative view of widely held prophetic belief concerning Last Days events. This simple marketing strategy paid off and interest was immediate, soon followed up with several radio interviews as well as television interviews featured by several well known prophecy scholars, including Dr. Dave Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries.

The startling claims by this author in seeking to alter the prophetic landscape by introducing a modern adaption of Psalm 83 was not met with even the slightest challenge or debate regarding the content of Isralestine. Bill Salus uses Isralestine to introduce his personal belief that Psalm 83 is a Last Days conflict rather than a prayer calling for the divine intervention of the Lord God against the many enemies surrounding Israel. The author further embellishes in identifying his belief that Ezekiel 37:10 identifies that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will become an exceedingly great army when clearly, the following verse identifies this great army as the entire nation of Israel. In further introduction this author endorses the belief that Israel will destroy the enemies currently surrounding them and expand in territory and accumulate great wealth. Joel 3:2 identifies clearly that the Land of Israel will continue to be pushed into partitioning even leading up to the days of the Battle of Armageddon.

While it is hard to contemplate why well known prophecy scholars would immediately accept this fable as prophetic truth, we can only assume that perhaps, publishing contracts were guaranteed to these scholars for their next prophetic title to be introduced in the future, with little investment. Perhaps Anomalos employed a variety of tactics to market Isralestine to prevent any challenge to the content to prevent a decline in projected sales. As a Christian it is our duty to address perversion of scripture, to correct and rebuke those in error, yet today it appears those that are currently involved in prophetic scholarship are easily manipulated with the promise of monetary gain. These scholars include Dr. Dave Reagan, Chuck Missler, Jack Kelly, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and Dr. David Hocking. It is a shame to consider that fables now are widely accepted as truth and the sacred scriptures are no longer considered marketable for these apostates.

In the past these authors and self proclaimed Prophecy Scholars used the Word of God for monetary gain, now they employ the same tactics with perversion of the sacred scriptures in marketing fables for a scriptural illiterate audience. In conclusion and on a personal note: in my many attempts to address the content found in Isralestine and challenge the very foundations of this fable on several prophecy forums, I am immediately labeled a trouble maker and promptly removed by moderators, who defend the content of this prophetic perversion. It seems the reach of this publisher and their marketing team is long and will stop at nothing to prevent a challenge to Isralestine. Recently the author Bill Salus has just completed a tour of London, appearing on British Prophecy television as well as radio programs, this fable is now for international consumption. Will anyone stand up and challenge this perversion with me?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gog/Magog Revisited: 2010 Fulfillment?

The current dynamics now present in the middle east concerning Israel and their many enemies, leaves little doubt that the drums of war are beating louder in tune with a significant prophetic event to unfold before our eyes. Iran, Syria, Russia, and Turkey are rapidly providing arms to all the Islamic enemies of Israel, solidifying their strategic agreements and ensuring that their proxy militias such as Hamas and Hezbollah are prepared. Recent intelligence suggests that Hezbollah now has 80,000 rockets in their arsenal, not including long range Scud missiles that put all of Israel in range with the capability of carrying a chemical/biological warhead.

The political spectrum remains the same, the status quo continues with Israel being pressured to relinquish territory to their enemies in exchange for a false peace. The current relationship between the United States and the Jewish State of Israel are in serious decline with President Obama embarassing PM Benjamin Netanyahu along with applying international pressure to call for an immediate disarming of Israels' nuclear deterrent. Our President appears to be in bed with the enemies of Israel and working side by side with them, to seek the destruction of the Jewish State using either a diplomatic approach or aiding in the equipping of their enemies.

Global antisemitism has risen on a scale comparable to that experienced in the days leading up to World War II and the genocidal campaign of the Holocaust. Europe appears to be the center of this increased level of antisemitism, a symptom of not only a dead Church but an additional increase in population of muslims who bear militant Islamic theology. The many dangers that exist for Israel today, grow in intensity as each day passes suggesting that a momentous event awaits, that will alter the current balance of power in the globe, politically, economically, and in addition change the current belief systems of many.

Israel is now front and center in the concerns of many nations across the broad spectrum, for these nations, Israel exists as a pariah state, threatening the security of the globe. The many Hebrew Prophets of the Bible including Joel, Zechariah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel identify clearly this hour we now find ourselves in. The current conditions now facing Israel would cause many to question the survival of the Jewish State, yet the Lord God has provided us an answer for the present boiling pot, or region of the middle east. While all nations have positioned themselves against Israel, they will soon regret their decision, the consequences will be staggering.

The Prophet Ezekiel warned long ago of this "Last Days" battle to take place found within the text of chapters 38-39 of the book of the Bible named after this Prophet of Israel. The Prophet warns of a time when Israel would be at rest or slumbering and dwelling carelessly while their enemies continue to prepare for war and are confederate together. While some scholars identify Ezekiel 38:11 as Israel being at peace and dwelling safely or confidently, this is an error, based upon the interpretation of the hebrew word "betach" which has a dual meaning, denoting confidence or carelessness, depending on the context of the passage of scripture.

The context and message of the Prophet identify that Israel is viewed as easy prey by the Gog/Magog coalition and as wolves, they have clearly identified a vulneralbe target of their aggression. The Prophet Ezekiel also addresses the targets of this coalition being the "unwalled villages", or settlements, dotting the landscape of Israels' northern territory, in addition based on Ezekiel 38:12, the targeting of central Israel, or the people that dwell in the midst of the land, identified clearly with Jerusalem. The Prophet ommits mentioning cities, yet later in this prophecy cities are identified, as found in Ezekiel 39:9.

While some scholars today identify themselves with a supposed modern Psalm 83 application as proposed by author Bill Salus in his book entitled Isralestine, this is a grave error. The belief supported by this author and many scholars is that the Prophet Ezekiel does not identify the current enemies in close proximity or surrounding Israel, yet this also is a misinterpretation of the message of Ezekiel. The Prophet clearly identifies Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a host of many others. This error can be cleared up efficiently within the context of the passages found within this prophecy.

Syria though ommited by name will be the host nation of the gathering confederation from the north involved in this battle, the place of their gathering is identified as the Plain of Bashan, which is presently in southern Syria opposite the Golan Heights. Syria will also be ground zero for the initial judgement upon this confederation consisting of a great earthquake in fulfillment of Isaiah 17. Egypt though not named will also be a participant with the confederation of African States such as Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and many others that will cross thru Egyptian territory to the borders of Israel.

Jordan or the Hashemite Kingdom is also not identified by their ancient name, yet with their present heavy Palestinian population, they will be pressured to join, or see the end of the Hashemite dynasty in a wave of terror. Lebanon is the host nation of Hezbollah and has made clear that their relationship and strategic goals are the same, that being the destruction of Israel. Hamas, located within the Palestinian territories will also be a partipant identified as "bands" within the context of Ezekiel, this denotes a comadre or armed militia. Syria and Iran are both the chief suppliers to Hezbollah as well as Hamas, providing training as well as weapons.

Syria is at this moment the main terrorist hub of the region, as well as the main transshipment point of weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as Hamas in the Gaza Strip. We can see clearly from the context of Ezekiel that all enemies are included, though not named outright, common sense must also be applied to understand this. The current dynamics indicate that Hamas and Hezbollah do not act independently, yet exist as proxy militias of Iran and Syria. The security barrier presently in Israel does not deter from this prophecy being fulfilled as the initial target of the aggressors is the settlements of northern Israel listed as the "unwalled villages".

The days draw closer to the fulfillment of this prophecy provided to us by the Prophet Ezekiel by way of the Holy Spirit, to both warn and prepare the nations to meet their God. This battle will not only eliminate the political enemies of Israel which includes the United States, a recipient of fire from heaven, listed in Ezekiel 39:6 as dwelling careless, again "betach" is used, it will also serve to eliminate the current military enemy alliance arrayed against Israel. I believe we will soon see the fulfillment of this prophecy, and in the aftermath the Third Temple will be built, and the AntiChrist will rise to power. The Church age will soon come to an end, as the Lord God again directs his attention to his people Israel.