Sunday, August 29, 2010

Isralestine: Modern Eschatological Fable

The author of this fantastic fable Isralestine: Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, is Bill Salus, published by Anomalos Publishing a creation of Tom and Nita Horn. Tom Horn has authored a variety of prophecy related books as well as crackpot conspiracy titles attempting to link Bible Prophecy with the U.F.O. phenomenon and human/alien cross mutation as commonly featured on Coast to Coast AM. The first article pulished by Bill Salus was featured on a Google blog entitled Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38: Which is the Next Middle East News Headline?, a bold attempt to test the waters for an alternative view of widely held prophetic belief concerning Last Days events. This simple marketing strategy paid off and interest was immediate, soon followed up with several radio interviews as well as television interviews featured by several well known prophecy scholars, including Dr. Dave Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries.

The startling claims by this author in seeking to alter the prophetic landscape by introducing a modern adaption of Psalm 83 was not met with even the slightest challenge or debate regarding the content of Isralestine. Bill Salus uses Isralestine to introduce his personal belief that Psalm 83 is a Last Days conflict rather than a prayer calling for the divine intervention of the Lord God against the many enemies surrounding Israel. The author further embellishes in identifying his belief that Ezekiel 37:10 identifies that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will become an exceedingly great army when clearly, the following verse identifies this great army as the entire nation of Israel. In further introduction this author endorses the belief that Israel will destroy the enemies currently surrounding them and expand in territory and accumulate great wealth. Joel 3:2 identifies clearly that the Land of Israel will continue to be pushed into partitioning even leading up to the days of the Battle of Armageddon.

While it is hard to contemplate why well known prophecy scholars would immediately accept this fable as prophetic truth, we can only assume that perhaps, publishing contracts were guaranteed to these scholars for their next prophetic title to be introduced in the future, with little investment. Perhaps Anomalos employed a variety of tactics to market Isralestine to prevent any challenge to the content to prevent a decline in projected sales. As a Christian it is our duty to address perversion of scripture, to correct and rebuke those in error, yet today it appears those that are currently involved in prophetic scholarship are easily manipulated with the promise of monetary gain. These scholars include Dr. Dave Reagan, Chuck Missler, Jack Kelly, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and Dr. David Hocking. It is a shame to consider that fables now are widely accepted as truth and the sacred scriptures are no longer considered marketable for these apostates.

In the past these authors and self proclaimed Prophecy Scholars used the Word of God for monetary gain, now they employ the same tactics with perversion of the sacred scriptures in marketing fables for a scriptural illiterate audience. In conclusion and on a personal note: in my many attempts to address the content found in Isralestine and challenge the very foundations of this fable on several prophecy forums, I am immediately labeled a trouble maker and promptly removed by moderators, who defend the content of this prophetic perversion. It seems the reach of this publisher and their marketing team is long and will stop at nothing to prevent a challenge to Isralestine. Recently the author Bill Salus has just completed a tour of London, appearing on British Prophecy television as well as radio programs, this fable is now for international consumption. Will anyone stand up and challenge this perversion with me?