Friday, January 20, 2012

Rapture Ready/Rapture Forums Gestapo Administrators and Moderators

  I have personally visited both these sites and the accompanied forums for discussion of scriptural matters yet more specifically prophetic events to take place!  While both of these sites claim to welcome discussion regarding these subjects, they readily set parameters to prevent true analysis of key events portrayed in the prophetic scriptures.  They will not allow any thread that identifies the United States as the fulfillment of Modern Babylon, they continue to cling to the fable of Rome or Iraq as being identified in these prophetic passages.  They also do not wish to discuss the possibility of the Doctrine of Imminence being a fable.  If they are uncomfortable with truly discussing scriptures they will begin to pack together like wolves and provoke individuals to respond to their accusations.  These sites readily quote specific scholars whom they recognize as being knowledgable yet fail to understand that their opinions regarding the interpretation of scripture as it is presented is no greater than our own!  I recommend that anyone seeking serious fellowship and study of the Word of God stay away from these particular sites as they are not designed for true discussion but to carry on the views and opinions only of the site administrators and their clones!


Anonymous said...

Thought this to be of interest.

Jimmy DeYoung the rebuilding of the Temple.

Anonymous said...

there cant be an interpretation of Scripture, that would make it false. Scripture is what it is, and can't be changed by other ideas. Jerusalem is literal Jerusalem but sometimes it is called Babylon - its like Babylon, but it remains literal Jerusalem that is the navel of the earth. Babylon is sited in Iraq, it remains a literal site. Spiritual wickedness is also called Babylon as a type of how Babylon behaved. Spiritual wickedness started at Babel and has continued down thru all peoples thru history from the seat of all wickedness. The USA is exactly that and is not biblical Babylon. It may behave like Babylon did, just as other nations do, but it still remains the USA which is not part of the middle east or Europe where Scripture is sited.

Anonymous said...

You could just as well have been describing marzulli's site!

Lynn says he wants people to go to him with questions or concerns, but when they question his integrity or research in any way, he will ridicule them and then ban them. Hardly a loving. spiritual teacher or "pastor", if you ask me.

Now, I see he likes to call people "guttersnipe". (Not classy at all.)

I thought calling people "Troll" if they question his stance on Israel was bad enough.

Anyway, good luck here with your blog, and it's nice to see people not following the herd.

Anonymous said...

lamarzulli said
December 31, 2012 at 12:08 am

Hey Fitpro. No name calling here. You’ve been warned. It’s mean spirited and certainly not fit for this blog. L.A.

lamarzulli said
December 28, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Hi Rose – This guy is a guttersnipe!

(You could include Hypocrisy among the traits exhibited by the kind of site you were writing against.
...Just an observation!)

john B said...

cannot discuss rapture at marzulli's blog either or anything that he disagrees with.
personally I believe that he is in error on his great deception UFO end-time theory It is not scriptural.

Rodney said...

I agree John!